Streamline Your Business Operations with 17hats CRM Platform

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Discover the user-friendly features of 17hats CRM platform for efficient business management.

Features of 17hats CRM Platform

If you are on the lookout for a reliable customer relationship management software, exploring the features of the 17hats CRM platform can be a promising option. This platform provides you with a user-friendly interface that is geared towards enhancing your organizational efficiency and business productivity.

Dashboard with Calendar Events and Contact Database

One of the key features of the 17hats CRM platform is its intuitive dashboard that offers a comprehensive view of your upcoming calendar events and a centralized contact database. This feature allows you to stay on top of your schedule, manage appointments effectively, and access all your client information in one convenient location.

  • Efficiently track and manage your calendar events.

  • Access your contact database with ease for quick reference.

  • Stay organized and never miss an important meeting or deadline.

Lead Forms and Project Folders for Organization

In addition to the dashboard functionality, 17hats CRM platform provides you with lead forms and project folders to streamline your organizational processes. The lead forms feature enables you to capture new leads seamlessly, while the project folders allow you to categorize and manage your projects efficiently.

  • Create customized lead forms to capture essential client information.

  • Organize your projects into folders for easy access and management.

  • Improve your workflow and enhance project coordination.

Email Scheduling and Time Tracking Capabilities

Managing your communication and tracking your time effectively are vital aspects of any business. With the email scheduling and time tracking capabilities offered by the 17hats CRM platform, you can enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow.

  • Schedule emails in advance to ensure timely and organized communication.

  • Track the time spent on various tasks to optimize your efficiency and productivity.

  • Improve client communication and project management with precise time tracking.

By leveraging the features of the 17hats CRM platform, you can centralize your client management, enhance your organizational processes, and boost your overall business productivity. Take advantage of these capabilities to streamline your operations and elevate your business performance.

Efficient Client Management

If you are considering a customer relationship management software, the 17hats CRM platform is worth exploring. It provides a user-friendly interface equipped with various features, including a dashboard that showcases calendar events, a contact database, lead forms, project folders, and more. With 17hats, managing client information, tracking leads, creating lead capture forms, and organizing projects become effortless tasks.

One of the key advantages of the platform is its ability to help you stay organized while streamlining your business operations. By utilizing 17hats, you can easily schedule emails, log phone calls, keep track of the time spent on different tasks, and even manage your finances efficiently, all within a single platform. This convenience contributes to a more seamless workflow, allowing you to focus on growing your business without the hassle of juggling multiple tools and systems.

Moreover, the platform goes a step further by offering a weather feature that can assist you in planning outdoor activities, aligning your schedule with the weather conditions. This thoughtful inclusion showcases the platform’s dedication to providing holistic support for your business needs.

By leveraging 17hats CRM platform, you can interact with clients more effectively, enhance lead generation processes, and ensure that your projects are organized and progressing smoothly. The platform’s comprehensive suite of tools empowers you to centralize your client management efforts and enhance overall efficiency in your business operations.

  • Easily manage client information and track leads

  • Create lead capture forms and organize projects

  • Log phone calls and manage finances through the platform

Additional Features

If you are considering a customer relationship management software, the 17hats CRM platform could be a great option for you. This platform provides a user-friendly interface that includes various features such as a calendar events dashboard, a contact database, lead forms, and project folders. Managing client information, tracking leads, creating lead capture forms, and organizing projects can all be done easily through this platform.

You can efficiently schedule emails, log phone calls, track time spent on tasks, and manage finances within the system. Moreover, an added weather feature helps you plan outdoor activities better. By staying organized and streamlining your business operations with 17hats CRM platform, you can enhance your productivity.


17hats CRM platform provides a user-friendly interface to manage client information, track leads, create lead capture forms, and organize projects efficiently. It also includes features such as a weather feature for outdoor activity planning. Connect with the system suite on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. No time to read? Watch this video.


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