6 Benefits of CRM Software for Small Businesses

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software is essential for independent business owners. Every small (and large) business needs organization and structure. CRM software is a necessity for every small business. But, far too many independent business owners are not aware of the benefits of CRM software.

The top goals of every business owner should be to organize operations, manage leads, automate workflows, and have an easy way to handle bookkeeping just to name a few things. Simply put, CRM software is basically a back office for your business. It handles the background operations of your business. Think of a website that becomes your virtual assistant or secretary. That’s one way to understanding customer relationship management software

How should you select the best CRM software for your business?

While you should not overthink selecting the best customer relationship management software for your business, it is important to choose one that works. best for the service(s) you provide.

  • Understand the needs of your company. First embrace the idea of saying “goodbye” to chaos. Secondly, get rid of the notion of ‘busyness.’ Some business owners do not have an organized business because they want to do it all. But, that is the opposite of being an owner. No one starts a business to be its employee. So, first understand what your business needs and the first thing on the list should be organization.
  • Use a CRM system that is easy to use. Platforms such as 17Hats are easy to use. You can literally add contacts, add a payment processor, add a project, and create & send an invoice. 17Hats is easy to follow and that is what you need as a business owner. No more subscriptions and paying for bells and whistles that you do not have the time to use. So, select a CRM system that you can start to use immediately. 

These are a couple of tips, but there are definitely more ideas to consider as you select the best CRM software for your business.

What are the benefits of CRM software?

  • Improve professionalism – If you want your business to stand out amongst your competitors, offer great customer service. Professionalism is a dying act; consumers are more compelled to work with you if you render quality service. CRM software assists you in running a smooth business. Your clients will see you demonstrate supreme confidence because you have your ‘ducks in a row.’
  • Increase client satisfaction – CRM software assists in your ability to manage client information, quickly send quotes, contracts, and invoices, swiftly reply to emails, and more. Every client wants to feel like your only client, and having software to help them manage your business operations makes life much easier for you.
  • Retain clients – Happy clients are clients that never leave. They also become references, so you want to be intentional about retaining the clients. CRM software helps to improve your company’s client experience. Your clients can quickly pay their invoices, quickly sign contracts, and receive updates from you about their selected service. An independent business owner cannot render the best service to retain clients without CRM software.
  • Increase company revenue – Invoicing should be hassle-free. Prospects should be able to pay you quickly and easily. CRM software allows you to send click-to-pay invoices. The option to split payments and place prospects on a payment plan is accessible through a CRM business management platform.
  • Automate your process – Allow yourself to be hands-off. If your business only runs while you are involved in every aspect, you do not have a healthy business. CRM software helps you to automate the steps, and the process required to fulfill the administrative side of a service you offer. A part of automating your business procedures is known as creating a workflow.
  • Reserve time – Amongst the many important reasons, CRM software allows you to reclaim your time. You did not start your business to be its secretary. Invest in easy-to-use software to help reduce the number of administrative tasks that you complete. You do not have time to wear multiple hats while building your business.

the facts don’t lie

You may not have known about CRM software before starting your business. In fact, most independent business owners don’t. In all of your excitement to start your business, and make money, you feel like you’ve got it all under control. Until one day, when you least expect it, your head is spinning with responsibilities. You gain a client that’s not the easiest to work with or your social media post goes viral. You must be prepared to own a business. CRM business software is too beneficial for you not to have.

Are you currently using CRM software? What features would you like to help manage your business? Share below.


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