Self-Care Tips for Every Solopreneur

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Self-care has been trending, but it must be more than a buzzword. Self-care must be a part of your lifestyle as an independent business owner. Solopreneurs carry the tasks of work, business, and family. It is easy to become overwhelmed and consumed by life. Restless nights and chaotic days follow the solopreneur that has not built a solid self-care routine.

Self-care extends beyond your bi-weekly pedicures and monthly facials. Self-care must be initiated into your daily lifestyle. Literally. 

So, why is self-care a second thought for most solopreneurs? The priority of taking care of self has been forgotten, options are limited, and the understanding of how to start and what to do is unclear. This list can continue.

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Here are some straightforward tips to help you get started:

  • Create systems that allow you to work less. It’s possible to get more done by doing less work. Your business needs systems and automation in place to help you have a life outside of your business. Use trusted customer relationship management (CRM) software to help you organize your business. The organization of your business is the first step. Once your business is organized, you can implement the proper systems.
  • Take a break. Give yourself a timeout period to do nothing but breathe. This time can be one hour alone once a day or once a week. Find the time to take this break. Cancel an upcoming meeting that doesn’t really require your presence. Excuse yourself for the next social activity you agreed to attend but really wanted to decline.
  • Write down how you are feeling and what you are experiencing. Self-care requires that you are mindful of yourself. How are you feeling and why are you feeling that way? 
  • Think about yourself more. What do you really want out of life? What does success look like for you? (Not a picture of how the world describes success). Journal of audio record to track how you are feeling. Again, think about yourself (in a positive light). Don’t sink into a low place underestimating your growth and success. You’re doing better than you think you are.
  • Implement boundaries. Do not over-extend yourself and do not allow others to impede upon your life. It’s rare that someone has the intent to overextend their space in your life, but it will easily happen if you do not have boundaries. When do you accept phone calls, how long can visitors stay in your home, and what information do you choose to share? These are different areas in which you can place boundaries. For instance, no phone calls or text messages after 9 pm is a great boundary to set for your self-care. Or, choosing not to explain your decisions to people is another boundary that protects you. 
  • Encouraging others uplifts you. Send a note or email to someone that has helped you. Text an encouraging message to a friend. This practice of gratitude shifts your mood. Encouragement is a form of self-care because you’re reminding yourself that all is well. This allows you to slow down and breathe, thus taking care of yourself.
  • Set a stop time. Refuse to work yourself into the ground. Give yourself time to stop working every day. Plug that time into your phone so it becomes a habit. At that time, you free yourself to breathe and live life outside of your business. No Zoom calls, no emails, no social media posts, and no work-related phone calls or text messages. 
  • Be a positive energy that you want to be around. Don’t allow gossip, negativity, or foul words to be spoken in your environments. Words are energy and words have power. Even if you are not in a positive mood, revamp your mind to adjust to how you want to feel.

“Make a decision today that you will do an about-face and combat your negative thoughts with positive ones. Whatever is pure, wholesome, lovely, brings peace,  admirable, excellent, and good, CONTINUALLY think about these things. Doing this will transform and renew your mind.” – Lucrece Augusma

Do not lose your life while building a business. That’s not fair to you nor is it healthy. You are more than capable of takiing care of yourself. The first step is making a decision to be intentional about your self-care. 

How do you take care of yourself as a solopreneur? Share below.


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