How to Have an Organized Business

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When you do not have an organized life, you do not have an organized business. When you are organized, you are clear. You have the clarity that you desire. 

Here are some deceptive statements that you are told: 

“It will not take a lot of time.”

“It will only take a few minutes.”

These are lies. Everything that you have to do will more than likely take more time that you expect. 

Let us debunk another myth – “I do best when I multitask.” That is untrue. Multitasking lead a lot of adults into thinking they are getting more done in less time. But, what your business really needs in order for you to be organized is to intensely focus on one thing until you move to the next.

Real productivity happens when you start to instill goals and boundaries that will help you get organized.

How to Organize Your Business

  1. Set boundaries. Know what you are going to do and what you are not going to do. Have a schedule from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. On your schedule, outline how long you will spend in meetings, replying to emails, working on customer care, and working out just to name a few. To start, write down everything that you do throughout the day. Listen to this tip here.
  2. Follow a schedule and establish a workflow. Remember how your daycare teacher use to hang the daily schedule in the classroom? That scheduled outlined time for art, music, lunch, and recess. Without order and structure, it would have been challenging for your teacher to get anything done. The same idea applies to your business. You need a schedule – literally list what you are going to do every hour of the day. In order to organize your business, you also need a workflow. A workflow is a process that outlines what you do step by step to complete a task. At Clear Resource, we can help you build your workflow in our preferred CRM system.
  3. Set clear goals and expectations with clients. Your clients should have a scope of what are you doing for them. At Clear Resource, we create a Trello Board to track each project. The client has a clear view of what we are working on and what we have accomplished. This helps you organize your business and this also serves as a great way to serve your clients.
  4. Schedule thought-time. Everyday, find the time to just sit, reflect, and strategize. Assess how your business is going. Are you happy? Are your clients satisfied? How is your bottom line? Is it time to change your pricing structure? Are you providing enough value? Are you getting more leads than previous months? In what direction does you business need to go in the next 6-12 months? Have some one-on-one time with yourself so you can think about these things. We rarely give our minds time to think because we are always doing. And, this is what leads to an unorganized business – the lack of thought. CoWorking is a great way to carve out time for yourself.

Tips to Remember When Organizing Your Business

  • Protect your time the way you protect your wallet.
  • You are not the answer to everyone’s emergency call.
  • If you are saying “yes” to everyone, you are saying “no” to yourself.
  • A request to do something is a demand on your time. Can you afford to give it away?
  • If you feel unorganized, your clients feel unorganized too. They will start to lose trust in you.
  • If you feel like you are doing too much, you probably are.
  • It is okay to take a break and regroup.
  • You need an easy-to-use, trusted CRM system to help your business run smoothly. At Clear Resource, we can set it up for you.

How organized do you feel in your business? In what areas could you use more help? Tell us below!

PS-Remember to join us for virtual coworking. Sign up here!


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